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Content experts. Our focus is on creative excellence and speed of production, with a deep understanding of audience, insights and platform.

"As we enter the mature period of content marketing, clients need agencies that can help set the vision, identify the opportunities and execute creatively and quickly where needed. We created CYLNDR to serve this need."
—Craig Waller

Craig Waller


Craig is a leading figure in content marketing. He has built and run the top agencies in the field in the U.S. and the U.K. As an expert, innovator and leader in brand content, he’s worked with many of the world’s largest and most successful organizations and brands.

"Most content suffers from self-inflicted sameness. Distinct creative comes from distinct creatives."
—Heather Keets Wright

Heather Keets Wright

Chief Creative Officer

Heather’s body of work spans decades, all mediums and several of the industry’s leading media outlets, including Time Inc., Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Scripps Networks Interactive. She’s served as Executive Creative Director for award-winning content agencies. She is a dynamic speaker, leader and idea-generator.


"Achieving content at scale requires two things: A commitment to excellence and a culture of continuous improvement. Both must be cultivated."
—Laura Sudar

Laura Sudar

Managing Director

Laura is a studio and operations leader. She spent 19 years in IT, studio and operations roles within a creative agency, building the company’s digital capabilities and integrating their print and digital studios. Laura is a strategic resource with deep relationships, experience and skills across the fields of advertising, marketing and production.

"In an age where brands can achieve pinpoint consumer targeting, reaching them through a labyrinth of channels; content is the difference! Make it meaningful, make it memorable and make them want more of your brand."
—Matt Cammaert

Matt Cammaert

President, CYLNDR Canada

Matt brings proven experience in strategic operations management in a global context and offers a wealth of achievements in driving smart growth through top tier talent acquisition/retention, building technical infrastructure to diversify agency offering, while creating and supporting organization wide vision, and building sustainable long-term revenue for sophisticated global and national clients.

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